Creative Workshops and Community involvement

"Creating pictures together with children is a joy. It feels meaningful and it's inspiring.
 I am reminded of my own childhood when I work with children. A lot of of the ideas for my books
come when I am in the middle of playing with or having a conversation with a young child.
I hope it is a mutual exchange that is not only rewarding at the moment,
but also in the future through my books.”

For many years Stina Wirsén has been engaged in children's right to art and literature. She has travelled around Sweden creating pictures with children which gives her both joy and inspiration.
   In recent years she has worked with newly arrived children in different refugee camps around Sweden. She has also held workshops in Romania, India, Abu Dhabi, Japan, China and Norway.
   Junibacken in Stockholm has an art workshop and a theater for children that is based on Stina Wirsén's books and ideas.
Stina is involved in the work of Berättarministeriet.
   As a member of The Swedish Academy for Children’s Books, she is committed to children's right to literature. For a couple of years The Swedish Academy for Children’s Books have focused on small children and preschools. The goal is to encourage Swedish preschools to learn and to increase their knowledge. "At least one meter of children's books at each preschool" is an idea that Barnboksakademin promotes.